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Having been a truck-driver for almost 13 year with 11 hours each day to listen to something while driving, I quickly realized that good audiobooks, lectures, podcasts, and debates are essential for someone who spends that much time on the road and has zeal for learning. 11 years ago, while still being a baby-Christian with lots of questions and doubts I remember discovering Dr. William Lane Craig’s collection of debates on iTunes and thinking to myself: “Oh my gosh, there actually are strong answers for all these questions! This is incredible!” After that, I became an Apologetics junkie, collecting and listening to any audio resource on Christian Apologetics I could find, from Biola University lectures to YouTube debates.

A couple of years ago I volunteered to edit Nick Peters’ podcast “Deeper Waters” (January’2017 – February’2018), who happens to be Mike Licona’s son-in-law. Nick asked me: “Could you take audio from Mike’s YouTube debates and make them into a podcast?” I thought: “Not only that, but I can also clean up the audio from background noise and polish it with the tools I have; besides, not everyone can spend 2 hours sitting and watching a YouTube debate, but people are likely to listen to the audio while driving or doing errands.” That’s how the idea for this website was born.
I envision this to be an ongoing project, if the Lord wills and time permits. I hope this endeavor will be a blessing to many.


Who We are

We are Mikhail and Irina. We live in Ohio with our 2 kids. Mikhail is a truck-driver, while Irina pursues her career in Costume Design and creates Bible Story Bags as a devotional and teaching tool for kids and their parents. We both love God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


For any suggestions please don’t hesitate to email me.

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