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Gary Habermas vs Michael Ruse – Did Hume demolish Miracles (on ‘Unbelievable’)

Do extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence? The 18th century philosopher David Hume is credited with originating the phrase often used by atheists and sceptics. In a second show, Christian philosopher Gary Habermas and atheist philosopher Michael Ruse debate whether Hume established that it is irrational to believe in miracles. They also discuss the evidence for the…

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Gary Habermas vs Michael Ruse – Is Atheistic Naturalism coherent (on ‘Unbelievable’)

Gary Habermas is Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics at Liberty University. Michael Ruse is Professor of Philosophy of Science at Florida State University. They debate whether Michael’s belief in naturalism (all that exists is the material world) is a coherent worldview given the challenges posed by personhood, morality, free will and subjective states. They also…

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