Robert Gagnon vs Jayne Ozanne (on ‘Unbelievable’) – Does Scripture forbid samesex relationship (Apr, 2015)


Prof Robert Gagnon has become a well-known voice advocating the traditional biblical view on sexuality. In a highly charged show he debates the scriptural issues on sexuality with Jayne Ozanne, the director of Accepting Evangelicals who came out as gay earlier this year.

Original Show has been recorded on ‘Unbelievable’ with Justin Brierley of Premier Christian Radio. Ads and commercials have been removed. For original audio click here.

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  • Danzil Monk

    I was as usual impressed by Dr. Robert Gagnon, but I was disappointed by Justin who usually does a great job as moderator in being balanced and fair. Justin was surprisingly unbalanced in favor of Jayne and against Robert.
    I am so proud of Robert, he eventually stood up for himself and did not allow Jayne to steamroll over him.
    I am disturbed by the manner that Christian leaders are falling for the homosexual weaponization of love, compassion and affirmation.
    Their clear reliance on eisegesis of the biblical text and reshaping the concept of God in their image is a dangerous game they are playing. And we have to be bold and clear about what their status is and why they are lost.

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